We want your pet to share with us the relaxing stay at the HOUNDS OF VON BLUMBERG KENNELS with the comfort and enjoyment of being in the "SUNROOM". The "SUNROOM" wraps around a "COUNTRY GARDEN COURT" with an old fashion pitcher pump fountain cascading lazily into a whiskey barrel surrounded by a rock bed and flower garden. The inner walls of the court are solid windows plus two glass sliders entering the court. The outer walls of the "SUNROOM" are solid except for two entrance doors, thus eliminating over-excitement of our special visitors. The pens are a spacious 3X6 foot, giving plenty of room to stretch out. There is a flowing fountain in each wing to give the relaxing sound of moving water, plus the music of the Northsounds is played, a relaxing sound of soft classical and natural sounds of Nature. There is an abundant supply of live plants placed and hung throughout the "SUNROOM". Our visitors have walks twice a day in a three acre mowed area. I love working in flowers and our visitors will see me a great deal as I work in the plants and the country garden. Another purpose of the "SUNROOM" is to help eliminate the excess excitement of our visitors when strange people enter the facility. This way our visitors, our little clients for hair appointments, and their two legged owners will all be less stressful when entering the facility. Tom and I hope you all share in the excitement of us offering you the "SUNROOM". We hope to be able to give to you a unique and relaxing place to bring your special friends.

The idea of the benefits of Sunlight is not a new idea. Farmers for centuries have known the benefit of Sunlight on farm animals, from chickens laying more eggs to mink and other animals having to have their breeding seasons regulated by the addition of extra Sunlight. Even show horses can have their showcoats readied sooner by the additional light. Plus even humans are treated for seasonal disorders by the addition of Sunlight. So you can see how very important, this simple thing of Sunlight can be and how it can affect your special friends stay while he is with us.

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