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Pictured to the left is Carol and Tom with one of their little boarders, Cleo, all enjoying the rays of the sun in the "SUNROOM". To the right with Carol and Tom is the latest addition to the Hounds of Von Blumberg Kennels, a 1932 Ford ton and a half stake truck. What is so unique about this truck is it has been in two different motion pictures, "Forrest Gump" and the other movie the "Hoodlums". The truck has the authenticity certificates from the transportation coordinators of both Paramount Pictures and United Artist Pictures. The new role the truck will be in at the Hounds of Von Blumberg Kennels will be an advertising venture of participating in all the local parades. Watch for its' debut in the area starting the summer of 1999.

Because your pets are an extension of your family and because of the deep love you have for them. We want you to know as much about us as possible, you are entrusting us with a member of your family. We want you to know of our background. Please take the time to read about us. We started the kennel, with the thought in mind, if I were to leave my beloved pet how would I want it cared for?

The Birth of the Hounds of Von Blumberg Kennels started long before the owners Tom and Carol Blumberg even realized there was a Kennel in their future. The Gestation Period began some 24 years before the actual Birth of this Business Child. The life experiences the Blumbergs yielded in those 24 years nurtured that small fetus of a Kennel as the years progressed into the growth of the unknown business that would change and delight the Blumbergs with the birth of their entrepreneuring dream child.

The first real beginning began in 1966, with Tom facing Viet Nam and Carol being left with management of their just purchased farm. While working as a computer operator at Gibsons, Carol knew when Tom returned home they would be involved in a farming operation and with no farm background Carol employed the help of their local vet to let her go on farm calls with him to learn everything she could about farm animals. This was just the tip of the iceberg for the Blumbergs involvement with animals. With Tom returning from Viet Nam, the farming began with the starting of raising hogs and a variety of other farm animals. In 1971 Carol gave up her career as Manager of the Data Processing Dept of Ore-Ida Inc. The following 17 years till 1988 Carol spent raising her children and being, her husband, Toms herdsman for their 1000 hog per year hog farm. During that period of time Tom and Carol were very involved with 4-H on the Local, County and State level, working with many children, parents, animals and the general public. Through this type of involvement the Blumbergs had many experiences with other organizations. The Blumbergs incorporated the 4-H and the DNR in rearing and establishing Pheasant habitat in Montcalm County. They also had a wildlife rehabilitation permit from the DNR with excepting the overflow of animals from Blandford Nature Center in Grand Rapids. Carol was the Chairman of the State Developmental Committee for Natural Resources at Michigan State University for 4-H, besides being a 4-H Leader, administrative leader and president of the 4-H Council in Montcalm County. Both Tom and Carol spent many weekends at seminars that were offered at Michigan State University and at Kettunen Center at Tustin on Animal Behavior and Husbandry. When the children all started graduating and going off to college, Carol decided to go back into the work force and back to college for an updated degree in Business Data Processing at which time she had planned to become either a Programmer or Systems Analyst. While taking classes and working she became fascinated with the Business classes and also longed for working with animals again. She started grooming dogs in her bathroom as a part-time venture and more as a hobby. With being well known in the area for working with animals she started getting more customers than she really thought would be possible. She thought at first if she could only get 30 customers she would be very successful with her little hobby. She had told Tom if she ever got up to 90 customers she would then send him on a special hunting trip. They are now up to over 2000 and have not had time to go on that hunting trip. She had to choose in 1990 to quit her other job and concentrate on the kennel. In 1990 the boarding began with only using 6 cages. Now they are up to 41 cages being available for boarding. They also have a retail area in the kennel. Both Tom and Carol love the life they have made with the kennel. They have said many times that they have met a lot of nice people and a lot of really neat little four legged guys and gals.


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