Carol Blumberg, co-owner, of the Hounds of Von Blumberg Kennels has the status of Certified Master Groomer from the International Professional Groomers, Inc. In the interest of maintaining an International Standard of Grooming Excellence and Professionalism Carol has demonstrated proficiency in All-Breed Profession Pet Grooming through extensive practical skills and written examinations before duly accredited IPG, Inc. Certifiers. The fall of 1998, she completed her live practicals and one written exam at Sandusky, Ohio. In the spring of 1999, she completed two more written exams at Akron, Ohio and September of 1999 she completed a four hour written exam at Des Moines, Iowa at which time she obtained the highest certification a groomer can obtain, thus giving her the status of Certified Master Groomer.

To become an IPG Certified Master Groomer, candidates first must become certified in each of the following breed groups: "Nonsporting Group", "Sporting Group" and "Terrier Group". For each group, groomers must take a 100 question written exam plus practical-skills exam on live dogs, one from nonsporting breeds, one from sporting breeds and a short legged terrier plus a long legged terrier. An extensive written master’s exam is the final step to becoming a Certified Master Groomer. The final exam consists of 400 questions covering all the groups not previously taken, including "Working Group", "Toy Group", "Herding Group" and "Hound Group", "Breed standards", "Groomer Terminology", "Anatomy", "General Health", "First Aid, Health & Safety", "Chemical Management" and Feline Care". The certification is rare and there are very few Certified Master Groomers in the area. Carol was already a very qualified groomer for 10 years before attempting the ultimate status of Certified Master Groomer.

Grooming dogs at Sandusky, Ohio

Bailey                                             Taz

Sassy                                                 Oliver


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